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Congratulations! You are engaged! Planning your Scottsdale Wedding and reception is as exciting as it is special. But it can also be hectic and overwhelmning. You have to find a florist who can get your favorite flowers, a baker who makes the best red velvet cake in town, and of course a Scottsdale Wedding DJ that delivers.Professional Scottsdale Arizona Wedding DJ Services

Chances are your guest will not notice, if your florist delivers roses and gerbera instead of garden roses and anemones, or if the cake turns out to be vanilla; but if your DJ fails to enchant and engage the crowd or stumbles his way through toasts and announcements, you are in trouble. For more than 40 years, Citron Sound has been Arizona’s leading DJ booking agency for weddings and special events. We know how to get a crowd going-and how to keep it happy. Our DJs are professionals who know how to read the wedding party and adjust speed and music selection accordingly. Hiring a Dj with Citron Sound ensures that your wedding will be talked about for many years to come, and for all the right reasons.

Choosing Your Wedding DJ

Choosing your wedding DJ is not quite as easy as it sounds. If the DJ you plan on hiring makes a poor first impression, you probably should look for an alternative option. There are some great online sites you can check as well such as The Knot, Wedding Wire or Yelp for positive (or negative) reviews and awards. If you are uncertain about where to start, asking family and friends for recommendations is a good first step. Citron Sound has a stellar reputation and the professional DJs to make any wedding a success.

Getting the Party Started

Wedding DJs are best hired from a local booking agency. That way chances are they are familiar with the local venues, vendors and more. National booking agencies with high pressure sales personal and 1-800 numbers often deliver DJs lacking in quality and know-how. Your reputable Scottsdale Wedding DJ will gladly sign a written contract with you in which you conditions such as the venue, the date, DJ name, price, payment plan and so on are spelled out. Written recourse is always a good thing to have, should something go awry after all.

Wedding Services

Browsing your florist’s website can be a good way to find a reputable Wedding DJ or caterer. Local wedding vendors with stellar reputation in the wedding industry often post links on their sites to vendors providing other wedding services as well. Nothing is as important as a great reputation and great reviews,and those take years to build and we work very hard to make your Scottsdale Wedding Reception a roaring success. We have entertained over 25,000 events successfully, don’t take any chances on your wedding day.

Book Your Scottsdale Wedding DJ Today

To ensure you get the wedding DJ that best fits your style, we invite you to fill out the DJ request form on this page. Our DJs are in high demand and we will do everything we can to accommodate your preference. For more information about our services and DJs contact us today at 480-966-2929. We are excited that you are considering Citron Sound for the entertainment of your next big event.

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