Booking vendors ASAP for your wedding
The minute you get engaged, the clocks starts ticking on planning a wedding. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time to plan with no specific date to be married and no particular need to do it within the next year, you are going to have a hard time finding the best vendors for your wedding. People book the good wedding vendors up to a year out, and the truly great ones can fill their

5 Questions to ask when interviewing a wedding DJ
Finding the right wedding DJ in Scottsdale may very well be one of the most important decisions you can make for your big day. The DJ for a wedding does a lot more than just play great tunes – though that is a very important job all by itself! Your DJ will also be the MC at your reception, introducing you and your bridal party when you arrive, letting everyone know that it’s time to

Top Mesa Wedding DJ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Top Mesa Wedding DJ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them A DJ plays a major role in the success of your Mesa wedding. After the ceremony, your guests will be ready to be entertained while they celebrate your nuptials with you. Your wedding DJ will be primarily responsible for ensuring that your guests are having a good time, and your Mesa DJ will keep the pace of events moving. Hire the right DJ and you

Top 10 Songs Chosen for Scottsdale Wedding Events
The wedding ceremony may be all about the dress, but the reception is definitely all about the music. No one will remember what they ate, and you won’t remember much about the table decorations, but you will remember what song played during your first dance. And you’ll remember what song you chose to dance with your mother. Music sets the tone, and it helps us express what we’re feeling. Working with an experienced wedding DJ

Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs
Your wedding DJ is one of the most important people in your wedding. You might not think so though since a DJ who is doing the job right is the DJ you don’t have to think about all night — you just get to enjoy the party. With the wrong DJ, your reception can run into problems, marring what should be one of the happiest days of your life. The experienced wedding DJs at Citron

How to Add More Spark to Your Scottsdale Wedding Reception
How to Add More Spark to Your Scottsdale Wedding Reception Here are a few things you can do to add more spark to your wedding reception! Scottsdale, Arizona Your wedding reception is a chance to let it all hang out. There is much less structure than the wedding ceremony, and you have many more opportunities to show off your personality, from the music you play to the type of name cards you put on the

Why You Need to Book Your Phoenix Wedding DJ Quickly
Why You Need to Book Your Phoenix Wedding DJ Quickly Here are a few reasons why you need to book your Phoenix Wedding DJ now! Phoenix, Arizona Your wedding DJ is one of the most important participants in your wedding — besides yourself and your beloved, of course. Your DJ will announce you as a new couple, will orchestrate the timeline of events at your reception from cutting the cake to making the toasts, and

Citron Sound's affordable and experienced wedding DJs serve the greater Phoenix AZ Valley
If you’ve been planning for your upcoming wedding, you know there are a lot of arrangements to make. You may have already made decisions such as the date, time and location as well as wedding colors, food and whether or not you want a particular theme for your special day. One area you may have overlooked when making preparations is that of entertainment; most wedding events involve music and that includes hiring a DJ. Fortunately,

Find the perfect disc jockey dj for your wedding reception in Phoenix AZ
Your wedding is a special day – one you have looked forward to all your life. When you start planning your wedding, your head will be filled with thoughts of flowers, food, locations, a dress, and lots of romance. These are all important considerations for the wedding itself. However, you also need to start thinking ahead to the party after the wedding, and how to entertain your guests. Many couples choose to host a dance

Phoenix Wedding DJ
If you are like most brides, you have waited your entire life for your wedding day. To that end, you’ve bought the perfect dress, you’ve reserved the perfect venue, and you’ve chosen the perfect photographer to memorialize your special day. But you also need to hire the perfect Phoenix wedding DJ to ensure your reception is an occasion you and your guests will remember forever. Citron Sound has been providing professional DJ services throughout the

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