Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs

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Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs
Your wedding DJ is one of the most important people in your wedding. You might not think so though since a DJ who is doing the job right is the DJ you don’t have to think about all night — you just get to enjoy the party.

With the wrong DJ, your reception can run into problems, marring what should be one of the happiest days of your life. The experienced wedding DJs at Citron Sound Services DJs in Paradise Valley offered up these helpful tips to help you ensure that you have a flawless reception for your special day.

Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs

Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs

Here are some great tips to make your wedding reception a success!
Paradise Valley, Arizona

1. Always Hire a Professional

First, make sure that you always hire a professional wedding DJ..

While it might be tempting to ask your cousin to man the iPod and shuffle through a song list that you provide, that’s a huge mistake. You might save money, but you will be leaving your reception vulnerable to major problems.

A professional DJ has a great-sounding system and knows how to handle all the technology you need, including the music, professional lighting, and other fun accessories. A professional wedding DJ also has the experience to make changes quickly in response to the unexpected. With a professional wedding DJ, you can be sure to get people on their feet instead of tapping their fingers on their tables.

2. Check Out the DJ Before You Book

Be sure and meet your professional Paradise Valley wedding DJ before you book them for your wedding event.

You’ll learn a lot about that DJ’s professionalism, ability to work the crowd, and skill at selecting the right music at the right time. This is invaluable information that you just won’t get simply by checking online references.

3. Provide Suggestions, but Don’t Be Rigid

You may have a few special songs that you would like your wedding DJ to play during your reception, but you should never hand them a set list. You are hiring a wedding DJ for their expertise — let them give it to you.

The set list you have in mind might not flow well, or it might create lulls in the evening. Give your DJ a few ideas of what you like and a few “must play” songs, but leave the rest to them. They will have many songs in their arsenal to call upon when they want to inspire a romantic mood, to get people excited about dancing, or starting to bring the festivities to a close.

The right wedding DJ will keep your reception moving and make sure your guests have a great time. Start looking early so you can find and book the best wedding DJ for your big day… Citron Sound Services DJs! We offer professional wedding DJ services throughout the Valley area. Our experienced wedding and event DJs know how to make sure that your guests have a great time while providing the professional service that helps your event flow seamlessly. Call us today to learn more about your wedding services!

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