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Booking Vendors ASAP for Your Wedding

The minute you get engaged, the clocks starts ticking on planning a wedding. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time to plan with no specific date to be married and no particular need to do it within the next year, you are going to have a hard time finding the best vendors for your wedding. People book the good wedding vendors up to a year out, and the truly great ones can fill their schedule much farther out than that. Some couples have to camp out to book venues.

So don’t delay! Start thinking about what vendors you want at your wedding and start researching your options. Here’s what you need to know about booking your wedding vendors, organized by the top five you’ll need:

Wedding DJ

book a good wedding DJ

A good wedding DJ in Mesa is a must. Your DJ will move along the timetable of events at the reception and will play just the right music at the right time so your guests have a great time. Start your search for a DJ at least six to nine months before your wedding. This will give you the time to interview the DJ, check out references, and attend an event or two where you can see the DJ in action. If you are looking for someone specific, you may need to start your search earlier. The best wedding DJs will book up fast.

Once you have a list of DJs ready and you have your first interviews scheduled, go online and read reviews of the vendors. You want to know what past clients have to say. Not only will you get a good sense of what to expect from the DJ, but you’ll also discover some points that you want to explore in the interview. For example, you might learn from reviews that the DJ got sick at an event and had to leave. You should ask the DJ if a backup is now available in case of similar incidents.

When you meet with the DJ, ask about their style, how they handle requests from you beforehand and from guests on the day of the wedding, and what kind of equipment they use. Ask if they have performed at the venue before and if they have everything needed for the big day. Ask if they work alone or with another DJ and what kind of attire they wear. Think through what you have planned and ask other relevant questions.


Book a good wedding photographer

The wedding day will go by faster than you think. All you will have left are your memories, which will fade. Make sure you get a good photographer to capture those precious memories forever. Get an experienced photographer with an artistic eye so that you get the best photos of yourself. You need someone who can frame you in your best light while also managing equipment, a fast pace, and crowds with aplomb.

Try to book your photographer as soon as you can – at least a year out from your wedding. The best photographers in your town will book fast. You’ll identify the best by the reviews you read, and then you can check out the photographer’s work online before you meet. Make sure you like the person’s style before you waste any time.

Ask the photographer about equipment used, such as backup cameras and lighting, and how he or she will handle weather and other unexpected issues. Ask about specifics such as the time allotted, charges for extra time, photos included, rights to digital prints, and so on.


Book a good wedding caterer

People will remember the food you serve more than just about anything else from your wedding. Make sure it’s great by hiring the best caterer you can. You’ll also want to hire a caterer as soon as you can since this is the first vendor that most couples hire and the options will dwindle quickly.

Have an idea of what you want to serve in mind before you go. The caterer will serve you a sample meal when you arrive, so you want to be able to taste items you are considering serving. Talk to the caterer about how food allergies and dietary restrictions are handled, and discuss options for alcohol, such as providing it yourself or limiting options. Ask the caterer if they offer other services, such as linen or table rentals or wedding cakes.


Book a good florist for your wedding

The florist is an important vendor, but most couples wait until they have logistics for theme, bridal colors, and more worked out before they book. You should look for your florist about six months out. Make sure you work with someone who has access to a wide variety of blooms so you are not limited in your choices.

Ask your florist how the flowers are stored and transported, what steps are taken in case of accident, and whether the flowers are set up or just delivered.


If you have a specific officiant in mind, start searching for one between six months and a year out from your wedding. Officiants can book up fast during the next wedding season. Some may also require that you meet with them for counseling prior to the wedding.

Ask the officiant what leeway you have with the ceremony. Can you preview the text and make changes? Can you say your own vows? Can you include elements from other cultures or religions? Also ask about the officiant’s credentials so you can be sure your marriage will be legal.

Mesa Wedding Dj and Event Services

A little planning is key to getting the wedding vendors you want for your big day. Make sure you have the right time frame for planning a wedding and booking the people you want, and make sure you ask the right questions of your wedding vendors.

Citron Sound Services DJs is one of the top wedding DJs in Mesa, Arizona. If you are planning a wedding, give us a call now to learn more about our wedding DJ services in Arizona. We’re booking now, and we’d love to talk with you about how we can make your big day a special one.

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