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Top Mesa Wedding DJ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top Mesa Wedding DJ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A DJ plays a major role in the success of your Mesa wedding. After the ceremony, your guests will be ready to be entertained while they celebrate your nuptials with you. Your wedding DJ will be primarily responsible for ensuring that your guests are having a good time, and your Mesa DJ will keep the pace of events moving.

Hire the right DJ and you and your guests will enjoy a memorable evening. Hire the wrong DJ and you’ll have a memorable evening for all the wrong reasons.

Top Mesa Wedding DJ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top Mesa Wedding DJ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are a few top mistakes that people make when hiring a Mesa Wedding DJ, and how to avoid them!
Mesa, Arizona

It is important that you do your research so you hire the right DJ and set up the right working relationship.

Here are a few top mistakes that people make during the process, with some information on how to avoid those mistakes:

Mistake: Hiring a DJ Based on Price

Of course, you need to set a budget for your wedding and stick to it to ensure that you don’t end up starting your new life together in debt. However, there is much more to selecting a wedding DJ than price.

The quality of the DJ is far more important than the cost. Someone may charge you less, but they may also do a really poor job, thereby ruining your big night. How do you measure the cost of lost memories?

Look for the best DJ you can find on your budget, or make adjustments to other areas of your budget to afford the DJ you need. For example, you might use paper flowers instead of real flowers to save some money off that budget category, or you might opt for a buffet meal instead of a served meal.

Mistake: Relying on Testimonials to Hire a DJ

Most Mesa wedding professionals have testimonials on their site, but these are not trustworthy. The vendors are only going to list the good comments, and you really can’t even be sure that those comments came from real customers. They could be made up or edited.

Instead, you should read online reviews on objective, third-party sites like Yelp or Google. You should also talk to former clients if you can or get referrals from people you know.

After you have done all that, you should then arrange to attend a wedding that the DJ is working. You will get a much better sense of the DJ’s style and the type of service offered.

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Mistake: Providing a DJ a Set List

You are hiring a DJ for their professionalism and style. If you give a DJ a complete list of songs that you want played during your reception, you are essentially acting as your own DJ and have just hired someone to run the sound system.

Give the DJ a list of the important songs, like what you want for your first dance or the dance with your mother or father.

You may even give a list of a few songs that you’d like to hear played at some point during the evening. However, you should try to give the DJ as much leverage as you can. Provide some guidance in the form of genres you like and don’t like, as well as favorite songs and songs to avoid.

Mistake: Paying All the Money Up Front

There is a lot of debate about how much of a deposit you should pay your wedding vendors, if any, but everyone agrees that you should not pay the full amount before the day of service. You should only pay the final amount once the DJ is set up and service is underway.

Don’t forget to tip! Have an envelope ready for one of your wedding helpers to hand off at the end of the night if you are happy with the service.

Finding the right wedding DJ is essential to the success of your wedding reception. Citron Sound Services has a reputation as one of the best in Mesa and the surrounding area. Our DJs will ensure that your guests have the time of your life while also honoring the tone of your wedding. You can just relax knowing that your big day is in the hands of the professionals. Call us in Mesa today to learn more about what we have to offer.

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