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Booking Vendors ASAP for Your Wedding

The minute you get engaged, the clocks starts ticking on planning a wedding. Unless you have an unlimited amount of time to plan with no specific date to be married and no particular need to do it within the next year, you are going to have a hard time finding the best vendors for your wedding. People book the good wedding vendors up to a year out, and the truly great ones can fill their schedule much farther out than that. Some couples have to camp out to book venues.

So don’t delay! Start thinking about what vendors you want at your wedding and start researching your options. Here’s what you need to know about booking your wedding vendors, organized by the top five you’ll need:

Wedding DJ

book a good wedding DJ

A good wedding DJ in Mesa is a must. Your DJ will move along the timetable of events at the reception and will play just the right music at the right time so your guests have a great time. Start your search for a DJ at least six to nine months before your wedding. This will give you the time to interview the DJ, check out references, and attend an event or two where you can see the DJ in action. If you are looking for someone specific, you may need to start your search earlier. The best wedding DJs will book up fast.

Once you have a list of DJs ready and you have your first interviews scheduled, go online and read reviews of the vendors. You want to know what past clients have to say. Not only will you get a good sense of what to expect from the DJ, but you’ll also discover some points that you want to explore in the interview. For example, you might learn from reviews that the DJ got sick at an event and had to leave. You should ask the DJ if a backup is now available in case of similar incidents.

When you meet with the DJ, ask about their style, how they handle requests from you beforehand and from guests on the day of the wedding, and what kind of equipment they use. Ask if they have performed at the venue before and if they have everything needed for the big day. Ask if they work alone or with another DJ and what kind of attire they wear. Think through what you have planned and ask other relevant questions.


Book a good wedding photographer

The wedding day will go by faster than you think. All you will have left are your memories, which will fade. Make sure you get a good photographer to capture those precious memories forever. Get an experienced photographer with an artistic eye so that you get the best photos of yourself. You need someone who can frame you in your best light while also managing equipment, a fast pace, and crowds with aplomb.

Try to book your photographer as soon as you can – at least a year out from your wedding. The best photographers in your town will book fast. You’ll identify the best by the reviews you read, and then you can check out the photographer’s work online before you meet. Make sure you like the person’s style before you waste any time.

Ask the photographer about equipment used, such as backup cameras and lighting, and how he or she will handle weather and other unexpected issues. Ask about specifics such as the time allotted, charges for extra time, photos included, rights to digital prints, and so on.


Book a good wedding caterer

People will remember the food you serve more than just about anything else from your wedding. Make sure it’s great by hiring the best caterer you can. You’ll also want to hire a caterer as soon as you can since this is the first vendor that most couples hire and the options will dwindle quickly.

Have an idea of what you want to serve in mind before you go. The caterer will serve you a sample meal when you arrive, so you want to be able to taste items you are considering serving. Talk to the caterer about how food allergies and dietary restrictions are handled, and discuss options for alcohol, such as providing it yourself or limiting options. Ask the caterer if they offer other services, such as linen or table rentals or wedding cakes.


Book a good florist for your wedding

The florist is an important vendor, but most couples wait until they have logistics for theme, bridal colors, and more worked out before they book. You should look for your florist about six months out. Make sure you work with someone who has access to a wide variety of blooms so you are not limited in your choices.

Ask your florist how the flowers are stored and transported, what steps are taken in case of accident, and whether the flowers are set up or just delivered.


If you have a specific officiant in mind, start searching for one between six months and a year out from your wedding. Officiants can book up fast during the next wedding season. Some may also require that you meet with them for counseling prior to the wedding.

Ask the officiant what leeway you have with the ceremony. Can you preview the text and make changes? Can you say your own vows? Can you include elements from other cultures or religions? Also ask about the officiant’s credentials so you can be sure your marriage will be legal.

Mesa Wedding Dj and Event Services

A little planning is key to getting the wedding vendors you want for your big day. Make sure you have the right time frame for planning a wedding and booking the people you want, and make sure you ask the right questions of your wedding vendors.

Citron Sound Services DJs is one of the top wedding DJs in Mesa, Arizona. If you are planning a wedding, give us a call now to learn more about our wedding DJ services in Arizona. We’re booking now, and we’d love to talk with you about how we can make your big day a special one.

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5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Wedding DJ

Finding the right wedding DJ in Scottsdale may very well be one of the most important decisions you can make for your big day. The DJ for a wedding does a lot more than just play great tunes – though that is a very important job all by itself! Your DJ will also be the MC at your reception, introducing you and your bridal party when you arrive, letting everyone know that it’s time to listen up for a toast, calling out the bouquet and garter toss, and announcing your big send off at the end of the night. Your DJ will also know when to play just the right music to get folks moving if things seem to be at a lull.

To do all this well, your wedding DJ needs to be skilled and professional, but also needs to have a good rapport with you. The interview process can tell you a lot about whether the DJ is the right fit. Here are five questions you MUST ask when interviewing a DJ for your wedding in Arizona:

How Do You Decide What to Play?

A wedding DJ will customize music for you

This question really encompasses several questions in one, including how the DJ will customize the music to you and your betrothed, how the DJ gets the crowd pumped out, and how the DJ handles song requests. Ideally, your wedding DJ should take time to get to know what music you like and don’t like, including some specific artists. Your DJ may allow you to submit a few tracks you want to have played, but most won’t want you to hand over an entire playlist – otherwise, what’s the point of hiring a professional?

Your DJ may use specific music to get the crowd going or may use calls to action, like asking the crowd to join the couple for a “lucky dance.” The best DJs are able to read the crowd and see what kind of music they are responding to in order to choose others that will get a good response. Most DJs will also accept song requests so long as they don’t oppose any directives from the couple.

What Equipment Do You Use?

Wedding DJs bring their own equipment

Your wedding DJ isn’t likely going to be scratching records and creating custom mixes, but he should still have a turntable on hand to do things like changing the sound quality or the speed of the music. Your DJ should also have a system that will work with the venue, as well as speakers that will provide great sound quality and volume to every inch of the venue. You don’t want any guests to feel left out!

Most importantly, your DJ should have backup equipment in case anything goes wrong. You don’t want to be stuck with a roomful of people with no entertainment.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Ask a wedding DJ what other services they offer

A lot of wedding DJs do much more than play music. Some set up special dance floors (or even dance cages, if you’re daring) or special lighting. Some even provide unique features like lighted columns of water.

Ask the DJ what other services are provided to know what’s possible. You may learn about something you didn’t even know you’d want at your wedding.

Have You Played Our Venue Before?

Most professional DJs will have played the popular wedding venues in Arizona and will know where equipment can be set up, plugged in, and so on. But you might have a unique venue, or the DJ just may not have had a chance to play your venue. It’s important to ask beforehand instead of assuming. Otherwise, the DJ could be in for a nasty surprise on your wedding day, like that there are no outlets near your dance floor on the lawn.

Scottsdale Wedding DJs by Citron Sound

If the DJ hasn’t played your venue, ask if he would be willing to make a site visit before the wedding. That way, you can figure out together if there are any special needs for the equipment and make the appropriate accommodations in time.

Will You be the One to Play Our Wedding?

You should meet your wedding DJ before you book him

When you hire a DJ, you aren’t always hiring a person; often, you are hiring a company. You may not even meet the DJ who will play your wedding until the big day itself.

Instead of being surprised, make sure you ask during the interview if the DJ you are talking to is the one who will actually be playing the wedding. If not, you need to ask to meet that person and interview them. Good chemistry is everything when it comes to hiring a Scottsdale DJ for a wedding.

There are many more questions you’ll want to ask prospective DJs, most notably of which is “Are you free on our wedding date?” However, the answers to these questions will help you understand if this DJ has the chops for the job and is the right match for you.

If you are looking for a DJ for wedding in Arizona, Citron Sound Services is ready to help you. We have some of the most popular DJs in Arizona, and we have played thousands of weddings across the state. Our DJs get to know you as a couple to understand exactly what you want and need from your reception. We have some of the best equipment available today, and we always arrive with backups for everything. We’re familiar with all the popular wedding locales, but we’ll do a site visit if you are getting at a place that’s new to us. Give us a call today to talk with a wedding DJ and start planning for your dream reception!

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Top 10 Songs Chosen for Scottsdale Wedding Events

The wedding ceremony may be all about the dress, but the reception is definitely all about the music. No one will remember what they ate, and you won’t remember much about the table decorations, but you will remember what song played during your first dance. And you’ll remember what song you chose to dance with your mother.

Music sets the tone, and it helps us express what we’re feeling. Working with an experienced wedding DJ in Scottsdale can help you pick the best songs for everything from your first dance to getting guests up on their feet and having a good time later in the evening. Here are the top 10 songs we’ve been seeing at Scottsdale weddings to give you some ideas:

Top 10 Songs Chosen for Scottsdale Wedding Events

Top 10 Songs Chosen for Scottsdale Wedding Events

A good wedding reception lives from the music that is played. An experienced Wedding DJ will know what songs are great for setting the mood and which get the crowd moving!
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has been killing it with love ballads, and this one has become the breakout favorite for weddings. We expect it to become one of the most danced-to songs for the first dance thanks to its beautiful lyrics and its perfect pace for dancing.

Sample Lyrics: “Take me into your loving arms/Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars/Place your head on my beating heart/I’m thinking out loud/That maybe we found love right where we are.”

“Love You Like That,” by Canaan Smith

This country crooner delivers a sweet ballad that would work as well for a first dance as it would for a romantic song that your wedding DJ will use to get the couples in the room up and dancing. The chorus might be a little more upbeat than some couples prefer for the traditionally slow first dance, but it still offers plenty of opportunity to sway underneath the lights.

Sample Lyrics: “Deeper than a sunset sky/Sweeter than muscadine wine/All night ’til the sun comes back/I wanna love, wanna love, wanna love you like that.”

“Lay Me Down,” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith is another heavyweight in the power ballad genre, and he delivers a gorgeous song that you’ll love for your first dance. Yet the song is slow and reverent enough that you could also play this song during your ceremony or even your walk down the aisle.

Sample Lyrics: “Can I lay by your side?/Next to you, you/And make sure you’re alright/I’ll take care of you.”

“Run, Run, Run,” by Kelly Clarkson (Ft. John Legend)

With a title like “Run, Run, Run,” you might not think this is a love song you want at your wedding. True, the lyrics have some sadness in them, but the overwhelming message is of being unable to live without another person. Plus, the song is gorgeous and has the perfect tone for a first dance.

Sample Lyrics: “This love is just made for bleeding/Hung upon the water/But still keep on, trying to breathe in.”

“Coming Home,” by Leon Bridges

If you want a little more pick-me-up in your first dance, “Coming Home” is a perfect choice. It has tones of classic R&B hits, and you’ll feel the urge to sway your hips and move with a bit more groove. It’s also a great song for couples dancing later in the reception.

Sample Lyrics: “I’m coming home/To your tender sweet loving/You’re my one and only woman.”

“Only One,” by Kanye West (Ft. Paul McCartney)

Kanye wrote this song about his mother watching him from heaven, and it has a beautiful message about the love between a mother and her son. It’s the perfect song for your mother-son dance.

Sample Lyrics: “Hello my only one/Just like the morning sun/You keep rising ’til the sky knows your name.”

“Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson (Ft. Bruno Mars)

Who doesn’t want to get up and dance when they hear this song? This is the perfect dance to get the room hopping when your guests are looking a little uninspired. Have your wedding DJ keep this one in the back pocket when it’s time to get things hopping.

Sample Lyrics: “I’m too hot/Hot damn/Call the police and the fireman/I’m too hot/Hot damn/Make a dragon want to retire man.”

“Shut Up and Dance,” by Walk the Moon

It’s an infectious dance song that also talks about two people meeting and falling in love, as if it were destiny. It’s the perfect song for your Scottsdale wedding! This song will get everyone in the room dancing and singing along.

Sample Lyrics: “Don’t you dare look back/Just keep your eyes on me/I said, ‘You’re holding back’/She said, ‘Shut up and dance with me.'”

“I Want You to Know,” by Zedd and Selena Gomez

This is a great dance song with a romantic message. It’s perfect for the end of the night when only the younger people are around to close down the party.

Sample Lyrics: “I want you to know that it’s our time/You and me bleed the same light/I want you to know that I’m all yours/You and me run the same course.”

“Sugar,” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has so many songs that are perfect for weddings, but their latest hit has been a popular choice for receptions. You could be cheeky and play this during your cake cutting, or you can reserve it for dancing after the toasts are all done.

Sample Lyrics: “Need a little sweetness in my life, sugar/Yes, please/Won’t you come and put it down on me?”

Whatever your taste in music and whatever tone you are trying to create for your wedding, your Scottsdale wedding DJ should be able to help you choose the perfect play list. However, these songs can give you some ideas of requests to make.

Citron Sound Services DJs in Scottsdale takes the time to get to know clients so that we can pick the perfect songs to keep the party going. We can make recommendations for the important songs like the first dance and the mother-son dance, and we can read the crowd to choose the right songs to set the tone and get people dancing. Call us today to learn more.

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Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs
Your wedding DJ is one of the most important people in your wedding. You might not think so though since a DJ who is doing the job right is the DJ you don’t have to think about all night — you just get to enjoy the party.

With the wrong DJ, your reception can run into problems, marring what should be one of the happiest days of your life. The experienced wedding DJs at Citron Sound Services DJs in Paradise Valley offered up these helpful tips to help you ensure that you have a flawless reception for your special day.

Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs

Top Event Tips from Experienced Paradise Valley Wedding DJs

Here are some great tips to make your wedding reception a success!
Paradise Valley, Arizona

1. Always Hire a Professional

First, make sure that you always hire a professional wedding DJ..

While it might be tempting to ask your cousin to man the iPod and shuffle through a song list that you provide, that’s a huge mistake. You might save money, but you will be leaving your reception vulnerable to major problems.

A professional DJ has a great-sounding system and knows how to handle all the technology you need, including the music, professional lighting, and other fun accessories. A professional wedding DJ also has the experience to make changes quickly in response to the unexpected. With a professional wedding DJ, you can be sure to get people on their feet instead of tapping their fingers on their tables.

2. Check Out the DJ Before You Book

Be sure and meet your professional Paradise Valley wedding DJ before you book them for your wedding event.

You’ll learn a lot about that DJ’s professionalism, ability to work the crowd, and skill at selecting the right music at the right time. This is invaluable information that you just won’t get simply by checking online references.

3. Provide Suggestions, but Don’t Be Rigid

You may have a few special songs that you would like your wedding DJ to play during your reception, but you should never hand them a set list. You are hiring a wedding DJ for their expertise — let them give it to you.

The set list you have in mind might not flow well, or it might create lulls in the evening. Give your DJ a few ideas of what you like and a few “must play” songs, but leave the rest to them. They will have many songs in their arsenal to call upon when they want to inspire a romantic mood, to get people excited about dancing, or starting to bring the festivities to a close.

The right wedding DJ will keep your reception moving and make sure your guests have a great time. Start looking early so you can find and book the best wedding DJ for your big day… Citron Sound Services DJs! We offer professional wedding DJ services throughout the Valley area. Our experienced wedding and event DJs know how to make sure that your guests have a great time while providing the professional service that helps your event flow seamlessly. Call us today to learn more about your wedding services!

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How to Add More Spark to Your Scottsdale Wedding Reception
How to Add More Spark to Your Scottsdale Wedding Reception

How to Add More Spark to Your Scottsdale Wedding Reception

Here are a few things you can do to add more spark to your wedding reception!
Scottsdale, Arizona

Your wedding reception is a chance to let it all hang out. There is much less structure than the wedding ceremony, and you have many more opportunities to show off your personality, from the music you play to the type of name cards you put on the tables.

Take advantage of these opportunities to create a unique wedding reception that will show your guests a great time. Here are a few things you can do to add more spark to your wedding reception:

Create a Fun Introduction

The reception typically officially starts when the newly married couple is introduced at the reception. Instead of the formal announcement of your names, think of something special for your introduction.

For example, you might ask your wedding DJ in Scottsdale to introduce you and your bridal party the same way that boxers are introduced before a match. You can write special descriptions based on the personality of your friends and memories you have shared together.

Or you might introduce yourself and your bridal party like celebrities on a red carpet. The key to success here is hiring the right Scottsdale wedding DJ who has the right energy and can adopt the right tone to make it fun.

Make Unique Song Choices

Your first song should be one that’s special to you. But you have the opportunity to have fun with your other song choices, such as what is played during the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, or the garter throw.

For example, you could play the theme music from Jaws as you cut the cake and your guests are wondering whether you will do the classic cake smash into the face. Or you could play the theme music from Mission Impossible as the groom reaches under the dress to get out the garter.

Think outside the box for your song choices and go with something unexpected and fun. If you are coming up short, your Scottsdale wedding DJ can help you with ideas — or at least let you know what songs to avoid since they are overplayed at receptions.

Create Actual Sparks

Making your Scottsdale wedding reception a success
Choose actual sparks for your send-off at the end of the night. Instead of having guests wave sparklers or throw rice, arrange for a small fireworks show to go off as you leave the building.

If you prefer something a little more low-key and romantic, ask your guests to send off lighted lanterns into the sky. They can each make a wish for you and your new life together as they light the lanterns.

You can look in the sky and see a beautiful visual representation of all the love that you are surrounded with by your friends and family.

A Scottsdale wedding DJ from Citron Sound Services will work with you to create the wedding reception of your dreams, whether you want to try some of these unique ideas or you want to do something a bit more professional. Our goal is to get to know you as a couple and to bring your vision to life for a wedding reception that you’ll love. Contact us today to get the party started.

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