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Finding an Experienced and Affordable DJ in the Valley

If you’ve been planning for your upcoming wedding, you know there are a lot of arrangements to make. You may have already made decisions such as the date, time and location as well as wedding colors, food and whether or not you want a particular theme for your special day. One area you may have overlooked when making preparations is that of entertainment; most wedding events involve music and that includes hiring a DJ. Fortunately, finding an experienced and affordable DJ in the valley who will play great sets is easier than you may think. When looking for a wedding DJ, ask to see the portfolio of the music they play and make sure it includes some of the following 12 genres: hip hop/dance/R&B, country, slow songs, swing/ballroom/polka, 50s/60s/Motown, 70s songs, mother/son songs, father/daughter songs, Latin, 80s/90s dance, crowd participation and classic party rock songs.

Citron Sound's affordable and experienced wedding DJs serve the greater Phoenix AZ Valley

You may have been to a wedding reception where people were hesitant to dance. One way to ensure this doesn’t occur at your wedding reception is to ask your professional Chandler wedding DJ to include crowd participation songs. Most people are familiar with classics such as the Electric Slide or the YMCA and you can also have your DJ play more recent interactive songs such as the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide. Playing songs that are familiar and interactive will help include most people in the fun.

After serving at over 25,000 weddings, receptions, and other events, our Scottsdale Wedding DJs have the experience you need to make your wedding night one to remember. Our DJs work with you to know your music preferences and the timing of your event, so your special night goes exactly how you pictured it.

Phoenix Wedding and Event DJ Services

If you live in the Phoenix Valley, East Valley, or West Valley of Arizona, the professional and experienced Paradise Valley wedding and event DJs at Citron Sound Services DJs can provide you with the top-quality services you need for your special event. Check out our customer reviews online to see what other couples have to say. Call Citron Sound Services DJ’s at 480-966-2929 for more information about hiring a professional DJ for your wedding, reception, party, or any other happy event.

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